What You Learned in Driving School Could Be Wrong

How do you hold your steering wheel when you drive?  Is it 9 and 3 position or 10 and 2 position?  Ship captain style hand over hand or push and pull?

These questions will make more sense after reading the advice from AAA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and driving instructors published in a recent MSNBC.com article (click here to read).   Their tips could save you injury, pain and insurance claims.  The key is that when your airbag is deployed, it is powerful and you don’t want your arms or hands blocking its way.   Airbags are life savers – preventing 2300 deaths each year according to the NHTSA.  And as insurance companies like Travelers, Mercury and Safeco look at safety and injury statistics when determining rates, we can all help by following expert advice to reduce those serious injuries.








Image Credit:  New Jersey Department of Transportation

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