Did You Spring Clean?


Spring cleaning and spring maintenance go hand in hand.  Home Depot and OSH have been busy with plant sales, outdoor furniture sales and general  home maintenance.  Spring fever can be your cue to reduce risks around

Home and Auto Insurance for “The Sky is Falling”


According to recent studies, natural disasters have increased 700% since 1950.  In 2011, the federal government declared 99 natural disasters, beating the 2010 all time high by 18.  These disasters cost insurers over $35 billion in

“Dog Paddle” or Drowning?


Summertime fun in Los Angeles is here – so backyard pool parties and visits to the beach are surely on everyone’s list.  Sean Paul Insurance covers a lot of homes with pools and clients with boats

Jetson’s Coming to California Highways?


Some day, our cars will drive themselves along smart highways – able to navigate traffic without our help most of the time.  That’s what developers at Caltech and Google are  hoping.  Earlier this month, Nevada gave