Its Vacation Time…But Before You Take Off…

In a frantic rush is usually how many of us leave our homes when we are taking off on a vacation (or even to work for that matter).  However, in those instances, your home might not be as secure as possible so you are increasing your risk of burglary.  So before you head out for that Spring Break vacation, here a few quick tips so you are more equipped to avoid a theft in the first place:

1. Studies confirm that more than 70% of burglars are amateurs searching for an easy target.  Make sure all doors and windows are locked securely.  Don’t put the spare key under the front door mat or planter – get creative or just give one to a nearby family member or friend.  Keep valuables out of plain sight whenever possible.

2.  Inform a trusted neighbor if you are leaving town so they can watch your home/check mail.  However, don’t alert everyone else via Facebook or Twitter as studies show 65% of burglars are not strangers (post photos after you return just in case one of your followers fits that profile).

3.  Add timers to light switches – esp for lengthy time away.  And trim brack tall shrubs and trees.  Overall, make sure your home is well lit and visible for neighbors so its not an easy target.

4.  Stop mail and newspaper service temporarily if you are leaving town for an extended time.

5.  Be cautious about lost or loaned keys.  If you lose a key, change the lock.  If a spare key gets loaned out to a contractor or other person temporarily, consider changing it as a precaution.

And most importantly, have a good homeowners insurance policy with a trusted company that you know will protect you in the event of a loss.  As we’ve heard in recent news stories, an insurance policy is only as good as the insurance company.   With this in mind, Sean Paul Insurance works with high-rated companies like Mercury Insurance, Travelers Insurance and Safeco Insurance to provide homeowners policies that can provide you with peace of mind.  And we also have selected companies that have solid ratings on both auto and homeowners as taking advantage of Auto + Home Discounts for combining your policies is the best way to earn significant savings.

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