Home and Auto Insurance for “The Sky is Falling”

According to recent studies, natural disasters have increased 700% since 1950.  In 2011, the federal government declared 99 natural disasters, beating the 2010 all time high by 18.  These disasters cost insurers over $35 billion in 2011, with another $40 billion in costs that were uninsured.  Los Angeles and Southern California have had their fair share of storms and wildfires lately. That’s enough to remind us how important good home and auto insurance should be to us these days.

Mercury Insurance, one of Sean Paul Insurance’s top home and auto insurance carriers, has compiled a list of insurance tips to help you weather any storm or natural disaster we might face in the region.  Below is a topline, but for a full read click here:

1.  Know what is covered.  Here is where your agent is critical.  Sean Paul Insurance has extensive experience in the industry and can help you pick the best policy for your home and auto coverage.

2. Catalog your property.  Shoot some video, take pictures and keep copies secure onsite and offsite as well.

3. Create an evacuation plan.  There are excellent resources available in Los Angeles to help you prepare for disasters – contact your local representative or visit the City of Los Angeles website.

4.  File your claim fast.  Keep your policy handy and accessible during an emergency (digital and secure printed copy).

5. Follow up on your claims.  Here is where your catalog comes in handy!

Additional resources include  www.ready.gov and www.FEMA.gov.




Statistical References:  Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disaster, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Insurance Information Institute and NBC News.

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