Local Italy

While Italy may not be in any of our weekend travel plans, there’s a spot in town that can quench your cultural palate.  One of  Sean Paul Insurance Agency’s favorite local spots thrives on a particular passion for the Italian wine regions.  The proprietor has turned this expertise and love into what has become the highly praised 55 Degree Wine store, where over 90% of the wines are from Italy.   So if you want to experience the Sicilian, Northern or Southeast flavors, a visit to Atwater Village this weekend is all you need.   55 Degree Wine also carriers wines from Argentina, Portugal, Spain and Australia.  Plus the over 350 different brews from around the world.  And this weekend’s Tasting is Sparklers, Bright Whites, Spanish & Italian Reds or some.  Salute, or Cheers, to 55 Degree Wine!

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