Super Bowl XLVI Quick Guide

So what will you be doing this Sunday while over a third of the country is watching the Super Bowl?  Will you skip it and just watch the $3.5 million 30 second commercials online?  Or maybe join friends for Super Bowl at one of LA Weekly’s top local picks?

If you decide to join in the festivities, we picked out a couple of links to help.  If you’re not an avid sports page reader and need a quick study guide, check out these fun facts to share with your friends.  And to help reduce the number of drivers under the influence out there, be aware and scan these tips for staying safe from CBS Los Angeles. They range from how to designate a sober driver (e.g., treat him/her all night and reciprocate the next time) to how to have a safe party (e.g., switching to only non-alcoholic drinks in advance of the end of the party and bringing out the desserts instead).

We hope you have a Super Bowl blast this weekend!


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