The Wind and its Aftermath

With power finally restored yesterday to everyone affected by the recent windstorms, it’s time to assess the damage, return our homes and lives to normal and then reflect on our preparedness for future disasters that nature may send our way.

In the past week’s windstorm, over 643,000 businesses and households lost power for extended periods of up to 8 days, causing major disruptions in lives and local economies. Damage and cleanup costs in Pasadena alone are estimated to reach $20 million. Sean Paul Insurance Agency serves some of the hardest hit areas including many homes in Pasadena and the nearby communities of Eagle Rock, Atwater Village, Silverlake, Echo Park, Hollywood and Los Feliz. Residents have reported fallen trees and debris causing fence damage, roof damage, awning and canopy damage, and auto damage. Many are also facing tree and debris removal expenses. Sean Paul Insurance Agency has been working in partnership with its many carriers, such as Mercury, Travelers and Safeco, so that the windstorm coverage these carriers extend helps return your life and home or business to normal expeditiously. As you assess any damage, please contact us immediately to help you move through the claims process.

Additionally, as a result of this disaster we have learned that our local infrastructure, from public utilities to basic municipal services, can be easily overwhelmed, reminding us that we each need to be adequately prepared to comfortably survive the next disaster. Sean Paul Insurance Agency recently shared critical information on fire preparedness (blog posting October 19, 2011). In the coming weeks, we will continue to share best practices to keep your family informed, safe and prepared for the region’s natural disasters.

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