Did You Spring Clean?

Spring cleaning and spring maintenance go hand in hand.  Home Depot and OSH have been busy with plant sales, outdoor furniture sales and general  home maintenance.  Spring fever can be your cue to reduce risks around your home as well.  Here are some basic tips from Travelers Insurance that we use at Sean Paul Insurance and wanted to share:

  1. Inspect your smoke detectors – add more if not at least one on each floor of your home and be sure to change those batteries.
  2. Check/Replace light bulbs to be sure right wattage.  Use fluorescent bulbs as don’t produce as much heat.
  3. Check your electrical outlets for frayed wires, loose-fitting plugs, or overloaded outlets. Consult a professional if necessary.
  4. Purchase, check or replace your multi-purpose fire extinguisher .
  5. Time for your regular air conditioning or furnace inspection?  Be sure to replace any necessary filters.
  6. Check for damage to your roof post-winter and clean gutters and drains.
  7. Inspect your water heater for leaks and corrosion.
  8. Clean the clothes dryer exhaust duct and all around/under the dryer to keep clear of excess lint, dust or fabric.
  9. Remove those dead or infected trees or limbs.  Time for a good trimming, esp away from utility wires.
  10. If you store oil and gas for lawn equipment and tools, make sure its still well vented and locked.
  11. Any tripping hazards via cracks, breaks or unleveled driveways and walkways?  Nows the time to make repairs to weather-worn areas.
  • For more detail, please visit Travelers site for detailed tips.

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