Jetson’s Coming to California Highways?

Some day, our cars will drive themselves along smart highways – able to navigate traffic without our help most of the time.  That’s what developers at Caltech and Google are  hoping.  Earlier this month, Nevada gave Google a license for a driverless vehicle; and now California’s legislature is preparing for it with legislation to set parameters for how those “autonomous vehicles” will be tested and operated as well.  A consulting report has been published projecting that auto insurance – liability auto insurance specifically – will drop up to 80 percent thanks to amazing safety gains.  Imagine if technology like that could prevent the multiple car accidents everyday in Los Angeles (LAPD responds to about one car accident a day – plus all those auto accidents not reported).   It may seem far off in the future, but it looks like governments, corporations, and even consumer groups are preparing for it.  Read more on FOX and the LA Times.

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