Escape Plan?

Emergency evacuation plans are a must for any home – especially with little ones and pets.

Tragically, a friend’s home recently caught fire in Los Angeles during a roofing job…the fire department responded quickly and fortunately all people and pets were safe!  But it served as a reminder of the importance of a good evacuation plan.   So here’s a great website resource worth visiting: My Safe LA.  Head straight to the section on escape plans to start and then browse the Ready Set Go and Quake Smart LA programs to be sure you are prepared for anything!  Our local Los Angeles neighborhoods of Silverlake, Atwater Village, Echo Park, and Los Feliz are in or near the wildlife-urban interfaces raising fire risks and near or on earthquake fault lines raising risks of shake damage.  And with these known facts, its best not to be caught by surprise.

While you are developing quick escape plans and working on your home’s fire and earthquake safety, it would be a great time to review your home insurance policy.  Please feel free to call any of us at Sean Paul Insurance and we can review the key terms and limits to ensure you have current coverage.

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