Ready for Your Insurance Claim?

Any damage to your home, auto or business can cause disruption and consume your time restoring your life to normal.  When insurable damage is involved, being prepared for filing your claim can simplify and expedite the process.

For example, insurers continue to respond to the claims damages from the recent Southern California windstorms.  While Pasadena and even some parts of Atwater, Los Feliz, Echo Park and Silverlake continue to clean up debris and trees, insurers continue to inspect.  Safeco has inspected 91% of claims and closed or paid 75% of reported losses thanks to its decision to bring in temporary staff and allow overtime.  Still, the aftermath of the windstorms continues for many families.

One way to ensure that your life is restored quickly is to familiarize yourself with the process and have everything well documented for your claim.  Storing videos, photos and receipts is a start, but here is a link to an online tool that takes it to the next level:  Know Your Stuff.  Insurers like Hartford and Travelers fund the Insurance Information Institute which provides this free online inventory tracking software.  And regardless of the disaster, the information will be accessible with online storage.

Other helpful resources are available to help ensure you are prepared to avoid damage and recover quickly.  Take time to review Safeco’s helpful online resources:

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Claims – Natural Disasters

Investing the time today to prepare yourself will reap rewards in the future and offer you a little peace of mind knowing you have done everything possible to protect yourself and your family.

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